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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I've forgotten how to flip-turn

A few things:

1. The Office was not on tonight because of the Olympics. I watched a little curling, and I saw the American women kick ass at snowboarding, but other than that I haven't seen a lot of it. Kelly and I had a "hot Olympian" wall during the summer olympics (mostly swimmers), but I haven't been as inspired this time.

2. I managed to find some time to get to the pool this week (twice!), and I also took advantage of the sauna. Dry heat plus lavender-scented lotion equals me smelling good, and I have soft skin for the first time in weeks. That week in Kansas almost turned me into a scaly monster.

3. Turns out the cute guy has a girlfriend. Oh, well. I figure if you never take a chance, life can get pretty boring.


Blogger Brian said...

1) I get sucked into curling instead of homework. If the Olympics aren't over soon I'm gonna flunk out of college

2) I've been dying to get to the pool this week but my roommates and I can't find the time to go...because of curling on TV I think

3) Taking chances is what makes life worth living!

10:24 AM  

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