Laughter Road

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Finally working again...

My blog went on hiatus for a while, and it took many pointless question to BloggerHelp before I finally figured out how to fix the problem on my own.

So I'm back.
Last week's trip to Mississippi was chaotic. My mom and I got hit by a drunk and high driver, and my dear SUV, Rhett, was totalled. My friend Doyle and I once had a conversation wherin he insisted that all cars must be female, and therefore must have girl names, but I disagree. Rhett was definitely male. And Southern.

So now I'm driving my mom's Volvo, which is also VERY male (as evidenced by the Volvo symbol), and after much discussion with friends, I've decided to name him Meatball. Because he's Swedish. Get it, Swedish Meatball? I thought the name might make his sound stupid, and that worried me, because I've never met a less stupid car. But I think it fits.

I'll miss Rhett, though. The amount of people and stuff I cound fit into that car was astounding.


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