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Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's ALWAYS about Matt Damon.

Some of you know of my love for Matt Damon. SOME of you are tolerant, and other only roll their eyes when I talk about him. I don't care, because y'all are obviously just ignorant of the wonderfulness of Matt.

One April day, my roommate and I were on a 11-hour round trip to North Carolina for a wedding. We started a game of "Six Degrees," which we play according to our own rules. (directors, co-stars, and significant others can be invoked, and the more weird, yet plausible, the connection, the more likely we are to let it count.)

We played "Six Degrees of Matt Damon." Yesterday, I came up with a new one while watching a random episode of Dawson's Creek (I was bored, and the only other thing on was an re-run of ER). The significance of this one is that it would actually enable ME to get to Matt.

Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek). I could contact Katie, trying to talk some sense into her regarding this whole Tom Cruise/Scientology thing. Surely she will see the light, because I refuse to believe she's actually that gullibe.
Katie was in Dawson's Creek with Michelle Williams, who is affianced to Heath Ledger, who is in the new movie "The Brothers' Grimm" with Matt Damon.

(Kelly, there wasn't a "All the Pretty Horses" reference in that whole thing! Who'd have thought you could make a Matt Damon connection without it?!)


Blogger Kelly said...

And even more shocking, there was no connection to Ocean's 11 or 12! How was that possible? You are a genius, I must say.

5:29 PM  

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