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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm blogging from the couch, my dog is lying at my feet, and all is (almost) right in the world

Hmmm. Lets see. I was told recently that I needed to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak, so I'll try to oblige. I finished classes about 10 days ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed the vacation...I spent most of it hanging out with a cute boy who thinks I have beautiful eyes. So it was mostly good. Unfortunately, said boy stuck his foot in his mouth about 16 hours before I left town for a week. I tried really hard not to be so sensitive, but I think he'll spent a few more days kicking himself over it. And I'm ok with that. At least he'll be thinking about me. Thats always a good thing.

I'm ending my vacation with a trip to D.C. with my mom--we're going to see Garrison Kellior record Prairie Home Companion, and go to the National Cathedral and see museums and shop and eat at great restaurants. And cross our fingers that the Memorial Day crowds don't show up in full force until after we've left on Sunday.

I may be driving back to Hattiesburg in a new car, too.


Anonymous that cute "boy" said...

Yeah, my, um, "lower back" is really sore, and I'm not done kicking myself just yet.

Blogging from your couch makes everything right in the world. I'm afraid that makes you a little bit of a nerd, there, CJ. :) Not that there's anything wrong with that...

9:09 AM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

uh oh...cute boy name calling when still in the doghouse....dangerous ground :)

Glad to hear you are enjoying vacation already. I hope your traveling adventures are spectacular. CJ, Garrison Keillor is coming to Abingdon to the Barter Theatre for a one-time performance (not the prairie home companion show). Let me know if you'd like me to get you some tickets. You know you always have a room here in VA.

9:47 AM  

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