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Friday, April 28, 2006

made in Utah

My Junior year of college I went to Europe for 6 weeks with the study abroad program. One of the people on the trip was LeAnna. Several of us took a weekend trip over to Dublin, and the only thing LeAnna absolutely had to do was got to St. Patrick's Cathedral. "Is it this way?" "Do we know what time it closes?" "I have to light a candle there, we're headed that way, right?"

LeAnna has dealt bravely with Cystic Fibrosis her whole life. She takes very good care of herself and follows a regimine that keeps her healthy and breathing. Sadly, many of the people LeAnna has known who also had the disease have passed away, many before the grew out of their teen years. One of these people was a young man named Patrick. LeAnna light a candle in his memory at every church we visited, but the one she lit for him in Dublin was especially important. I think he had a really big impact on her life.

There aren't many things that LeAnna can't do because of her disease, but she knew she'd never be able to be pregnant, for several reasons--the drugs she takes, and the possibility that she could pass on the disease. When she married Matt about 5 years ago, they both knew they would adopt.

A few months ago I got an email that said that Le and Matt had registered with an adoption agency in Utah and were hoping to have a baby by the end of the year.

Patrick McKenzie was born yesterday at 3:51 pm.
7 lbs, 13 oz.

Congratulations, LeAnna and Matt! You're going to be great parents!


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