Laughter Road

Monday, May 08, 2006

things i'm weary of encountering everywhere i turn:

1. coffee shops that won't run a tab, even though i'm planning to be there for several hours and buy lots of coffee. Bars can work this out, why can't y'all?
2. Natasha Bedingfield singing "Unwritten" everytime I turn on the stereo. I'm sooo sick of this song.
3. Same thing for Daniel Powder and "Bad Day". We get it. they had bad days, but found each other in the end, and that made everything hunky-dory. spare me.
4. exams.
5. professors who will not answer my emails.
6. the banging that has been going on for a week now on my roof.
7. these freaky little flies that come out of nowhere in my kitchen. its very clean in there, so I can't figure out whats attracting them.
8. my family having celebrations without me.
9. conflicting schedules for summer classes.


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