Laughter Road

Friday, May 20, 2005

Think of all the contraband I could sneak into the Luce!!

Things I would sneak into graduation, using the weird sleeve pockets on my gown...
1. a flask. break it out as soon as dr. greenway hands me the diploma.
2. a camera, to capture all the cameras looking back at all of us from the stands.
3. my little black book, in case SOMEONE wants my number.
4. compact and Burt's bee's lip balm, for the after-party pictures.
5. my checkbook, so I can write my first student loan check for the sallie may people, who will, I assume, be waiting at the bottom of the stage steps for each and every one of us.
6. a snack.

my hood is yellow satin, with a chevron of blue, edged in burgandy velvet to indicate it's a master's in arts.
"The master's gown, which may be open or closed, has an oblong, open sleeve that drapes freely to the wrist and extends back, in the classic crescent shape, below the knee."

I suppose all this is exciting, but all I can think about are all the people I'm really going to miss.


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