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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I guess you have to spell it, even when the book you're buying is actually about CHASTITY.
That's NOT HAVING SEX, people.
Sheesh, all you who only look at the big words on the cover. I don't know what to do wit' ya.
I asked the local Cokesbury to hold their one copy of Lauren WInner's new book for me, because I had a $25 gift certificate, and I'm damn well going to use it, especially after all the money they've charged me for school books, and then won't buy back. Walked in, and found everyone in the store peering over one guy's shoulder as he read it. I said, "I think you're holding that for me." and all I got was a blank look. I guess he couldn't get past the big word on the cover.

Anyway, I got it safely home, though I sheepishly admit that I turned it over while it waited in the car, because I was parked in the college parking lot, and my Kerry sticker alone gets people coming up to me and asking, "Do you know Jesus?"

If you haven't read any of Lauren's stuff (I feel I'm on a first name basis with her, since I read her blog, now.) come over and borrow from me. She's one of those authors that I buy multiple copies of, so I can pass them out to friends.

Plus, she's going to be in Berea at the end of July, and I'm trying my best to get over there and look like an episcopal youth so I can get into the lecture.


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Abstinence is unnatural.


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