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Thursday, August 18, 2005

so nice on pita bread...

It's amazing to me that's its been 5 days since I last wrote. It's amazing because it doesn't feel that long, because all my days are running together. Thank goodness classes start next week. I desperately need something to do. I also need a job. That would really help. This rut consists of me sleeping, watching TV, reading by the pool, and playing on my computer.
(now, I understand that most people would give just about anything to spend a couple of weeks doing nothing BUT this, but one can only take so much. I'm "relaxed" out. I need to contribute to society.)

I did catch "The Office" marathon on TV last night, and loved it. "My favorite colors are grey, dark grey, charcoal grey." It's fun to make the story connections between this one and the BBC version. I wonder if they are going to branch out into new material, though, or only follow the rough outlines of the other one. I also hope they don't end after only two seasons.

My parents are enjoying a vacation in Seattle and Victoria, and keep calling me asking what I want from some place or another. What kind of question is that? "i'd like humpback whale, please. Canned, in vegetable oil, is best. "


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