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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Yes, I'm fine. I'm in North Mississippi at my parent's house. From what I can figure out, Hattiesburg is is ruins, with power not expected for at least two weeks, and probably closer to a month. The main plant that supplies the whole region is in Gulfport, and it was badly damaged. Water is back on, but is running brown from the taps. Land and cell phones are out, for the most part. They have to get all that fixed before I'll go back. I don't know what is going to happen with school this semester. Early reports said we'd start back Sept. 6, but I don't see how that can happen if there is no electricity. There has been talk of canceling the semester, but it's only rumors right now.

Funnily enough, I got about 6 people in one day call me and make sure I was out of H'burg. You all had the same thoughts at the same moments. "Ummm, have you heard from Christy? She left Hattiesburg, right?" Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, and for caring about me so much that some of you said you felt a great weight lifted when you found out I was alright. I felt that today, myself; I finally found the last person I was really worried about this morning, safe with her family in Monroe, LA. Unfortunately, all this catching up to people has raised new worries about those we don't yet know about, particularly friends who are doctors, and probably have been in the hospitals in New Orleans this whole time. There have been a lot of reports of looting and violence at the medical centers, so please pray for the doctors, nurses, staff, and patients who are just trying to stay alive.

Refugees from the storm are everywhere here. My best friend Whitley and I were sitting behind a group today at lunch. They were telling us how bizarre and frightening it is to only have a handful of possessions to your name, and no idea what was happening to your home. It's beginning to look like these people, especially the ones in NOLA, won't be able to return home for at least a month, and personally, I think estimate is on the low side. The city is full of water, and that water is filled with chemicals, bodies, animals, sewage, and toxic waste from the garbage dumps around the city. Louisiana is notorious for its lax laws about chemical waste; now that waste is pouring into the city because it wasn't properly contained. Many of the city's building were on their last legs before the hurricane; now, they may not be salvageable.

My father and brother headed down to the mississippi coast today, to try to salvage my aunt's house, which is a mile from the gulf in Pascagoula. She got 4 ft. of water. I was worried to see them go, because things are crazy down there. The whole region is under martial law, and i'm afraid for them. I watched them drive away today with a really bad feeling about them leaving.

I know people who's houses are full of water, and others who don't have houses, period. Please, please, please, pray for the millions who have been affected by this storm. They are all over the country.

Lord, I'll miss New Orleans.


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