Laughter Road

Friday, April 14, 2006

still learning.

Do you ever have those moments when you run into someone you used to know, but with whom you have had no contact for a number of years, and for a split-second, your entire relationship-- every stupid thing you did, or every mean thing they did, or every malicious moment that passed between the two of you--all of those things flash through your memory, and you seriously consider ducking behind a door or into the next supermarket aisle so you won't have to talk to them?

I had two of those moments this week. Both turned out fine. Better than fine. They laughed at my jokes, we talked about jobs, i admired babies and fielded the inevitable questions (nope, I don't have kids. or a husband. I have degrees instead. )

Can I learn a lesson from this? Certainly...and here's what I think it is: we remember our embarassing behavior far longer that those that witnessed it.

So, the next time I do something that makes me want to instantly dig a hole and hide in it (and sometimes pull the dirt in after me so I can quietly die a thousand deaths)--I'll try very hard to remember than in ten years, ten months, ten days, or ten minutes, no one will recall those things that I tend to hold onto and berate myself for doing or saying or being.

Like Father David said--Get over it, Christy. (actually, he advised me to be more gentle with myself, but that was the gist of things)

Believe me, I'm trying.


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