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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the Tuesday meme

I AM: more that I appear to be on this blog.
I SAID: I'd do it. now get off my back!
I WANT: a faster metabolism. and a new car.
I WISH: I had a killer thesis topic. and as long as I'm wishing, i wish it was already written.
I HATE: people who talk in the movie theater.
I MISS: my friends from seminary who are scattered all over the country.
I FEAR: not living up to my potential.
I HEAR: gilmore girls on TV. cars outside my window. Instant Messenger chiming at me, with Bret on the other end.
I WONDER: Where I’ll end up.
I REGRET: a lot. though i try really hard not to dwell on those things.
I AM NOT: a pushover.
I DANCE: not as often as i'd like.
I SING: Loudly. in the car. by myself.
I CRY: unexpectedly.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As strong as I appear to be.
I MADE: chocolate-chip muffins.
I WRITE: best under pressure.
I CONFUSE: all those stupid dating shows on TV.
I NEED: human contact.
I SHOULD: get up earlier.
I START: running tomorrow. i swear.
I FINISH: about three books a week.
I TAG: Kelly, Rhonda, Bret, Michael, and anyone else who wants to play.


Anonymous yomamma said...

I AM: a very tired grant writer
I SAID: I'll have it done by the deadline. Trust me.
I WANT: a vacation and a Lexus SUV
I WISH: I could sing
I HATE: people who don't give a damn
I MISS: having my daughter closer so we can do more stuff
I FEAR: not having grandchildren to spoil
I HEAR: a loud TV, the air conditioner, and the sound of my computer
I WONDER: how the wedding will go
I REGRET: not much, maybe not taking enough time with people
I AM NOT: a worrier
I DANCE: very badly
I SING: to myself
I CRY: when others do
I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice enough to those I love
I MADE: a difference, I hope
I WRITE: in my journal
I CONFUSE: famous people
I NEED: connections
I SHOULD: walk more
I START: no new projects for a while
I FINISH: a book in about 3 hours
I TAG whomever

6:38 PM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

I'm in on the tag. Check my blog for posting.

8:15 AM  
Blogger the BC said...

Alright, fine. I updated my blog by doing this meme. Happy now? :)

9:24 PM  

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