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Sunday, April 16, 2006

He is Risen!

Happy Easter!

Got up at the crack of dawn to go to early service with the family--my dad had to sing at Getwell, so he was the only one missing--even Kevin and Ashley came.

Beautiful sermon--how it is sometimes easier to focus on the crucifixion, and not realize that the resurrection of our Lord calls us into action and service.
Andy did a baptism--the first little girl born into a family of 4 sons and 8 grandsons.

Came home, cooked for two hours to have lunch ready. Ham, scalloped potatoes with spinach and carmelized onions, deviled eggs with salmon, lemon asparagus, yeast rolls. I did everything but the ham and the rolls.

Took a nap. Talked about going sailing with daddy, because the wind was so great this afternoon, but he wasn't sure where the plug was for the boat that would keep the water out and us afloat, so that plan got nixed. Instead, we all fell asleep in stages as we sat around and read the Sunday paper.

Also, we that are in the KNOW tried hard not to talk about the big event that's going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

He is Risen, indeed!


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