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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

JobSchoolRelationshipChurch....but not in that order.

The above title should give you some indication of the reasons I haven't posted in some time. However, I don't want every post to start out apologizing for not writing for so long, so just be happy there's something new to read.

Things I've learned at my new job as an archivist:

1. Dehumidifiers fill up very quickly when it rains.
2. Concrete rooms do not hold onto heat very well. A coat and gloves may be necessary.
3. Body odor smells on clothing only gets worse after 40 years in storage.
4. When opening a box with an unknown object in it, NEVER open it at nose level. Especially when the box contains a decomposing gas mask.
5. Coworkers must be reminded to wear gloves when touching things. Otherwise they will drive the archivist crazy.
6. Ration cans from WWII last a long time. I'll give someone $50 to eat the contents (Pork Slices in Juices)!
7. Just because an artifact has an ID number DOES NOT MEAN that anyone knows where, who, or when it came from. Move on.
8. Mold is the enemy.
9. Don't blindly stick your hand into the back or bottom of a box. Spiders. Big. Brown.

From this list, you'd probably only glean that my job is, um...cold. and smelly. Yes, both of those things are applicable, but its a lot more, too. I'm doing the job I wanted, but in a setting I never imagined.

Want another list? Ok.
1. Diamonds are very sparkly in real life.

Glean what you will from that.


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