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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

By the Numbers

5: number of lightening storms to come through here in the past 10 days.

2: number of times the lightening strikes were so close to my house/car that it made me very nervous.

3: number of things that the too-close lightening strikes fried (the motherboard on my laptop and my cable modem) Ergo,

1: the number of motherboards that must now be replaced.

4: the number of days I had left on the parts and service warranty for said laptop.

4.5: the number of hours Bret spent on the phone and Internet chat with the Dell service people, before figuring out what the problem was.

1: the number of nails embedded in one of my rear tires.

3: number of miles i drove before realizing that the weird sound i was hearing was my flat tire.

20: minutes Bret spent changing the tire.

2: number of showers/engagement parties for Ashley and my brother that I've been to in two weeks.

2: the number of showers to which Bret has accompanied me.

7-10: the number of old friends of my parents who saw me grow up who offered to tell him embarassing stories about me.

gajillion: the number of brownie points he's earned these past two weeks.

2066: the mileage on my car after 5 weeks of ownership.

5: pounds I'm going to lose in the next two weeks! (competition with Bret. If I lose more he buys me books. If he loses more I buy tickets to the USM/Memphis game in November)

1: the number of friends I have who are in the process of moving to Colorado. Yea for Kelly! Be sure to exploit your North Carolina accent as much as possible--they'll think its cute!


Blogger Kelly said...

Thanks for including me in your numbers list! I've already gotten several comments on my accent - mostly good (I hope!)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I just noticed that you're listening to Snow Patrol. YEA! That album is definitely one of my favorites from this summer.

However, I remember you once saying that the band name sounded like kinda dirty... :)

2:44 PM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

you HAVE to be in love since there hasn't been an update to your blog in so long. I expect to see pictures from your Kansas City trip very soon.

9:29 AM  

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