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Thursday, September 29, 2005

My love for...NPR

I usually leave the music posting to Kelly, but...

One of my favorite things about NPR is that they broadcast music I never hear other places. All Songs Considered is a special favorite. Everything from Coltrane to Willie Nelson to Bloc Party (there's a whole concert by this great London band, also). They recently broadcast a Sigur Ros concert, and it's my music of choice to have coming through the headphones while I'm "classing" online. It is particularly interesting to have this amazing Icelandic band as a soundtrack to whatever is going on in the cafe that day.

My ITunes Music Store fund is completely used up, but I may have to break down and find a way to get these people on my iPod.


Blogger Kelly said...

I love Bloc Party! I didn't know about that ATC concert (am listening to it right now). And last night, I was just looking at Sigur Ros' cd at Target. Didn't buy it, but I considered it.

Why was there a man in a kilt outside of the cafe?

8:24 AM  
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