Laughter Road

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"People just know to, like, stay away from me...but, like, I really like people."

I'm sitting at the local coffee shop in H'burg, using their free WiFi connection, because 3 tech people and assorted billing people at Comcast cannot figure out what's wrong with my modem, so I have no connection at home. This place is cool, though. But the little college girl sitting on the sofa across the way has loudly stated to the little boy she is with that Starbucks is so much better than this independant, local-owned coffeehouse. She's the one who said the thing about liking people that makes up the title of this post. And she also thinks its totally cool that she works at Mazzio's! And you should totally come there! On Monday nights when I'll get you a discount! The boy she is trying to charm is talking to her about anime. She's agreeing that its really cool when Japanese people speak English and their mouths move funny.

I wish Whitley and Will's place (Silver Chair) had worked out, because it would have been really cool, just like this place. But it wouldn't have had the annoying college students. If Will had heard these people, he would make them read some Narnia books before they would be allowed back.

Happy late birthday to David W., who's blog I read and who posted about the weirdness of being 28.


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