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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alphabet Meme

Accent: North Mississippian--there is a difference between us and the coast region, but we're probably the only ones who can hear it.
Booze: Abita Amber
Chore I Hate: cleaning the kitchen
Dog or Cat: dog. specifically, my deltadog
Essential Electronics: my ipod and laptop
Favorite Perfume: Chance, by Chanel right now. I don't wear it very often, though.
Gold or Silver:
Hometown: Southaven, MS
Insomnia: yes.
JobTitle: full time student
Kids: one day, hopefully.
Living Arrangements: HUGE apartment.
Most Admirable Trait: funny, compassionate, nurturing. and humble.
Number of Sexual Partners: i just had a pseudo-fight with someone who had the gall to ask me this question when it was none of his damn business.
Overnight Hospital Stays: one in college for a very bad case of bronchitis, and twice when my dad broke his hip and i stayed with him.
Phobias: plane crashes
Quote: "sometimes you ask God to come into your life--and He does--and it scares the Hell out of you!"
Religion: Episcopalian.
Siblings: a brother
Time I Wake Up: depends on when i went to sleep.
Unusual Talent or Skill: i'm a little bit psychic
Vegetable I refuse to Eat: tomatoes.
Worst Habit: biting my fingernails
X-Rays: a lot in the past year, because of the accident. i had one today, in fact.
Yummy Foods: Pad Thai. Sushi. Chocolate. Steak.
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius.


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