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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Tuesday meme

13 Things You Will Never Hear Me Say

1. "I LOOOOOVE tomatoes. Could I get a few extra?"
2. "This shirt/dress makes my boobs look WAY too small."
3. "Wow! I'm totally caught up on my schoolwork!"
4. "Mr. Omabare, son of a former Nigerian finance minister, of course I will send you all of my bank details so you can deposit $25 million in my account for safe-keeping."
5. "I'm sorry--I'm always too early!"
6. "Oh, goody! It's 6 am! Time to get up and face the day!"
7. "I will definitely wear that bridesmaid dress again!"
8. "I wish presidents could run for three terms. Bush deserves another 4 years. I really regret not voting for him those other two times."
9. "I have too many books."
10. "I'd rather walk a mile over hot coals than get a pedicure."
11. "I'm sooooo sick of thai food."
12. "Fox News is my preferred source for information."
13. "I never want to leave south Mississippi. Between the heat, the bugs, the humidity, and the hurricanes, it may be the perfect place."


Anonymous Angie said...

Wait, does this mean you LOVE pedicures? Because *I* love pedicures and I need to:

a. some place in this 'Burg to go to get a decent and cheap one.
b. some ONE to go with.


11:41 PM  

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