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Monday, May 28, 2007

Onionskin paper isn't made of onions or skin. Discuss.

I had dinner with a dear friend (who's moving away soon...sniff) last week, and she asked me how my job was going, and I had just spent two whole days putting very thin sheets of onionskin paper into mylar sleeves. Very tedious and very repetitive. Also very different from the week before, when I was working on the collection I talked about a couple of posts ago. So here's what I've discovered...some days are "black sand from Iwo Jima!" days, and some days and "endless sheets of onionskin paper" days.

These metaphors don't apply only to artifacts, of course.

And today? Today I had an onionskin paper day. Both in and out of work.

I'm looking forward to my week of vacation in June. I'm going to Kansas City to see the Cutest Babies in the World (and their Mama) for three days. I don't think I'll get to show Erin a pretty ring by then, or dazzle a couple of 18 month olds with a sparkly thing.
So, for all you people who keep asking when I'm getting engaged? (which should maybe change to "if" I'm getting engaged -- I think the stone is still sitting lonely in a safe somewhere in memphis)

I don't know. Call Bret and ask him.

sigh. i'm a little depressed, can you tell? I wish my deltadog was around.


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