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Saturday, October 22, 2005

at least I can watch ALIAS and drink an Abita while I'm in class.

I'm been struggling a lot with the differences between the schools I've gone to up to this point, and the large state university I'm attending now. In some ways, I don't mind it at all...the facilities available are a lot better, but there's a lot more bureaucracy to get through. I like that I almost never have to go to campus, because I'd never find a place to park. (When I am lucky enough to find a spot, I frequently lose my place in the maze of lots when I need to leave campus. I had a memorable conversation with Steve in which he laughed his butt off at me while I wandered aimlessly around, trying to find Meatball. Of course, this happens in the Target parking lot, too, so maybe its just me getting old.)

Most of my issues revolve around the professors, and I had an epiphany about the whole thing while I was talking to my mom about it last week: there's no accountability for them. At Millsaps and Asbury, professors were actually part of my life. I ate in the cafeteria with them, I went to them for advice, some of them I considered as pastors in my life, and a lot of them I considered friends. Its not like that here. It may just be that the university as a whole is having a hiring problem, and profs are overworked and underpaid, and I hope that is the case. I hope my opinions of them change, and I think that will happen as I move out of the basic classes and into classes that are geared more toward my specialization.


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