Laughter Road

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

give the people what they want.

I don't really have anything special happening, but my counter says that 40 people read my blog yesterday, and I live to serve, so if you're reading this blog, please suggest some topics I could write about when I'm stuck. Like now.

Ooh, here's something that happened...I had an online class tonight, and one person laid into the professor about not responding to emails and not posting new due dates after the hurricane. Prof cut the student off quickly and with scathing disdain, and the rest of us were sufficiently scared of her to not talk the rest of class, even though we (well, I) agreed with the student. We talked to each other via the Private Messenger function about the event, but we didn't dare raise our heads for fear we'd get noticed. It brought entertainment to an otherwise boring class. SOOO boring. tear - my - own-hair-out-at- the-time-wasted-that-I'll-never-get-back boring. Rivaling the wastelands of Method&Praxis and UM Polity and Dr. Wang.


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