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Monday, October 10, 2005


Someone sent me this meme. I'm not really sure what a meme is, nor how you would pronounce it, but I'm sending it on to Rhonda, Kelly (Music Savant), Michael (Cathedral Days), and Steve (Theological Shavings). I don't think Steve will do it without being prodded, so he should consider this a personal challenge. For some REALLY odd reason, I always think of the movie Grease when I read Steve's blog. I know, it's weird. I don't have an explanation.

Ten Years Ago: I was beginning my senior year of high school. I was the editor of my school newspaper, a position that really meant nothing, because I went to a private school where everything was censored out the wa-zoo. I had spent the summer as a counselor at camp, where I fell into puppy love for the first time. This was the year I finally figured out what a drain my high school was on my spirit, since I never felt anything but stifled and restrained.

Five Years Ago: I was beginning my first real job out of college, as an Assistant Director at a private girls' camp.

One Year Ago: Beginning my last year at ATS. I was also trying to get into grad school at USM (where I am today.) I started a job as an archivist at Asbury College.

Yesterday: Had a really disturbing dream, which woke me up at 3 am. Finished "Son of a Witch," the sequel to "Wicked." It was ok. Not as good as the first one. Did cardio for 90 minutes, and celebrated by having a chocolate iced donut from Krispy Kreme. Cooked brown rice, vegetables, and chicken into a make-shift stir-fry dish.

Five Songs I know all the Words To:
If I had a Million Dollars, by Barenaked Ladies
The Dance, by Garth Brooks
Saved, by Third Day (originally by Bob Dylan
Still Haven't Found what I'm looking For, by U2.
Me and My Llama, from Sesame St.

Five Things I'd do with 100 Million Dollars:
Pay off my friends' student loans
Buy an island and build a few houses on it, so my family and friends could all be there at once, yet not get in each others' way.
donate a bunch of money to cancer research and various other charities.
give my tithe to St. Patricks.
hire a personal trainer.

Five Places I'd run away to:
the cabin
New York
Victoria, BC
New Orleans (well, I used to run away there.)
Wherever friends are.

Five Things I would never wear:
a poncho
boy-short bathing suit bottoms
cut-off anything
a skirt over pants
those suggestive t-shirts that are so popular with teenagers right now.

Five Favorite TV shows:
Gilmore Girls
West Wing (one of the best-written shows out there.)
early Cosby Show

Five Favorite joys:
singing really good worship music
talking to friends I miss on the phone
realizing that someone is flirting with me. (this usually takes me a while, and is followed by a "!". I never expect it.)


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