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Monday, November 28, 2005

525, 600 minutes

The summer of 1998, I spent 6 weeks in Europe taking classes with my college-abroad program. During our time in London, I convinced the people in my circle of friends to go see RENT, which was playing at the Shrewsbury Theatre, just down the road from our dorm. The rest of the trip was filled with counterpoint renditions of "Would you Light my Candle?" and "La Vie Boheme." I bought the soundtrack, learned most of the songs, and didn't see the musical again until last year, in NYC.

When I learned Chris Columbus (Stepmom, Harry Potter, etc.) was making a movie with most of the original cast members, I was wary. Directors tend to butcher the stories I love best, be they books or plays. I saw the movie tonight, and though it wasn't brilliant, it was everything I expected. I expected Chris Columbus to be able to capture some of the magic of the music, the city, and the characters, and I wasn't disappointed. The story got switched around a bit, but that was ok, because they realized that the musical in its original state wasn't perfect, and did their best to improve where they could. Got rid of the silly song with everyone under the sheet in the beginning of the second act, but kept the ridiculous "1000 Kisses" song between Collins and Angel in the first act. Probably the worst part of the movie, and a downright stupid scene, with them frolicking down the streets of the city. Gag.

Columbus felt the need to date the movie for us, which doesn't happen in the play (we get the month and day, but not the year). I thought this was unnecessary, and put restrictions on what was happening. 1989 was the point where a lot of people began living with AIDS, before there were any really effective drugs. Most of these people contracted the disease through unprotected sex and needle sharing, and were in their early 20s, but the movie cast supporting characters in their 30s, so the original cast members wouldn't look so old next to them. It was nice to hear most of the same voices that are on my original cast album, though (The actress that played Mimi was pregnant during filming, and the original Joanne felt she looked too old to come back to the role, so they both bowed out).

I'm also going to see Harry Potter this week, and I saw Walk the Line over the holiday. Joachim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both deserve an Oscar.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

on the injured list...

A listing of the myriad ways I managed to injure or almost injure myself during the three and a half days I spent in Arkansas this Thanksgiving:

1. Got terrible motion sickness riding there. This was mainly my brother's fault, because he drives a big SUV like he's in a little sports car, and at 60 miles an hour on windy, hilly roads. I spent the last hour trying not to puke. And the jerk would not let me drive, which is the only thing that cures it.

2. Stuck the side on my right hand full of splinters while watching my dad and brother attempt to hurl themselves off the roof of the cabin in the guise of fixing the loose roof panels. My mother went after those suckers with a needle, tweezers, and gleeful abandon.

3. Broke a candle on the bathroom floor, but didn't realize it until I almost stepped on the pieces bare-footed.

4. ALMOST set the whole place on fire when I was heating water in the kettle for tea. There was food stuck to the eye, so it wasn't really my fault. Big flames, though. (this brought on stories of how, a few years ago, I almost managed to blow up the ENTIRE place, while hosting a bunch of Wesley Foundation kids on a retreat. They kicked open the gas register, house filled with gas, etc.)

5. Burned my index, middle, and ring finger, and part of my palm, when I was trying to take a cake of cornbread out of the oven. Like a well-bred Southern girl, I was using a cast iron skillet, but the potholder I was using to grab the handle was just the tiniest bit damp, and the heat went right through it. Its better today, but I thought I was going to DIE yesterday, it hurt so bad. Now I have blisters on the first two fingers, and have spent much of the last 24 hours holding a frozen water bottle in that hand. Also, I dropped the skillet on the floor and the cornbread went everywhere.

All in all, it was a low-key holiday, but one I would not care to repeat. Now we gear up for Christmas, and try to keep my dad off the ice this year.

Friday, November 18, 2005

another 5 am post

I'm awake again, but I think this is probably due to sleeping too much after finishing a paper. I'm going home saturday, and then to the cabin with the family for thanksgiving, and I'm hoping I can really rest while I'm there.

I went to see Zathura tonight, which was pretty good, though I figured out the twist way before it happened. I'm waiting to see RENT with Liz after the holiday, and I'm going to see Pride & Prejudice while I'm in Memphis, because no place around here is showing it. But, I really don't think it will match the A&E version.

Have a good holiday, everyone! Give thanks with a grateful heart!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yup, that's about right.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

all I want for Christmas...

People have been asking me what I want for my birthday and's my list...

1. healthy twin girls for Erin and Dan, who should arrive right before their mother loses her mind because her body is no longer her own. I figure that will be end of December.
2. a pair of jeans that actually fit
3. all my friends in one place for a few days (preferably around my birthday)
4. reassurance that I will not lose my right to choose.
5. a smart, cultured, funny, adventuresome, honest, family-oriented, Godly man to marry (sooner rather than later, please.)
6. same as above for Liz and Kelly, and the female equivalent for Michael and Steve.
7. a place to live where I can also have my dog with me. Though I believe I'll have to fight my dad for custody at this point.
8. a better season of ALIAS
9. to be able to take all my friends to Rome for a week when I finish school
10. a cake of cornbread and a pot of chicken and dumplins like only my grandmother could make.

Seriously? Here's my Amazon wish list.

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