Laughter Road

Monday, August 22, 2005

I don't think that's a good look for her.

Ok, I know she has twins to look after, and that the presence of just ONE baby can prevent a mother from having time to wash her hair for a few months, but WHY does Julia Roberts have dreadlocks in the new Dave Matthews Band video?

Still trying to get everything I can back on my iPod. Its not going well. I have a penchant for naming the inanimate objects around me, but haven't done so with the iPod. Now, I think its name is Traitor. Or MoneyPit.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Color Code

This is really cool.

Friday, August 19, 2005

this post is not about my iPod

I did something REALLY stupid tonight...since getting my new laptop, I've been trying to figure out how to transfer all the music on my iPod into my new iTunes library. Unfortunately, I completely screwed it up and accidentally deleted everything off of it instead. Yup, 1500 songs, plus a couple of hundred dollars worth of downloaded music. It's that stuff I bought off of iTunes, and the stuff from Kelly's legendary collection, that I will especially miss, because I can't get it back.
So that's why I'm still up at 4 am, putting all my CD's through the inport process again. And here's where we get to what this post is really about.
Norah Jones is one of my favorite musicians, and I can't listen to her without John coming to mind. For the past 2 1/2 years, I've been living 500 miles from him, but knew that I would see him whenever I came home, and that he was only a phone call or an email away. Now, I'm less than 90 minutes from him, and I have no idea how to find him. Ok, that's not exactly true; I could track him down if I really wanted to. I went to Jackson on Tuesday, to pick something up at Millsaps and go to Barnes & Noble. (There is no proper bookstore in H'burg, so I have to travel to get my book fix.) For a period of about 5 years, I couldn't go anywhere near Jackson without calling John up and us getting coffee. Now, I don't think I'd really have anything to talk to him about. I could talk to him about his total lack of respect for a lot of people who loved him quite a bit, but I don't think he'd sit very long for that one.
This totally sucks. It's not as though we had this big fight that ended our friendship. Instead, he just chose to cut me out of his life.

Norah Jones CD's are done. I've moved on to Dave Matthews now, who reminds me of someone completely different.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

so nice on pita bread...

It's amazing to me that's its been 5 days since I last wrote. It's amazing because it doesn't feel that long, because all my days are running together. Thank goodness classes start next week. I desperately need something to do. I also need a job. That would really help. This rut consists of me sleeping, watching TV, reading by the pool, and playing on my computer.
(now, I understand that most people would give just about anything to spend a couple of weeks doing nothing BUT this, but one can only take so much. I'm "relaxed" out. I need to contribute to society.)

I did catch "The Office" marathon on TV last night, and loved it. "My favorite colors are grey, dark grey, charcoal grey." It's fun to make the story connections between this one and the BBC version. I wonder if they are going to branch out into new material, though, or only follow the rough outlines of the other one. I also hope they don't end after only two seasons.

My parents are enjoying a vacation in Seattle and Victoria, and keep calling me asking what I want from some place or another. What kind of question is that? "i'd like humpback whale, please. Canned, in vegetable oil, is best. "

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The handbags and the gladrags...

BBCAmerica was showing "The Office" special tonight. It always makes me so happy when Tim and Dawn get together at the end.

I guess that's a spoiler, but you'll get over it.

I watched this show for the first time only because my roommate kept raving about it. She had the box set, so one night I started watching. She came in a couple of hours later to find me fully immersed in the show. She actually sat down and got caught up with me until about 3 am, when we finally called it quits. I think we watched nothing but that for a couple of days. And then I watched the last one on my own, and when Kel came in halfway through it, I made her tell me whether or not Tim and Dawn were going to end up together, because I couldn't stand the suspense. I think I would have gone into a total snit if Dawn hadn't dumped Lee and finally figured out that Tim was the perfect guy for her.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's ALWAYS about Matt Damon.

Some of you know of my love for Matt Damon. SOME of you are tolerant, and other only roll their eyes when I talk about him. I don't care, because y'all are obviously just ignorant of the wonderfulness of Matt.

One April day, my roommate and I were on a 11-hour round trip to North Carolina for a wedding. We started a game of "Six Degrees," which we play according to our own rules. (directors, co-stars, and significant others can be invoked, and the more weird, yet plausible, the connection, the more likely we are to let it count.)

We played "Six Degrees of Matt Damon." Yesterday, I came up with a new one while watching a random episode of Dawson's Creek (I was bored, and the only other thing on was an re-run of ER). The significance of this one is that it would actually enable ME to get to Matt.

Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek). I could contact Katie, trying to talk some sense into her regarding this whole Tom Cruise/Scientology thing. Surely she will see the light, because I refuse to believe she's actually that gullibe.
Katie was in Dawson's Creek with Michelle Williams, who is affianced to Heath Ledger, who is in the new movie "The Brothers' Grimm" with Matt Damon.

(Kelly, there wasn't a "All the Pretty Horses" reference in that whole thing! Who'd have thought you could make a Matt Damon connection without it?!)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I couldn't not post about this...

America is simultaneously the most professedly Christian of the developed nations and the least Christian in its behavior.

Monday, August 08, 2005

You know you're of a certain age when you have two options of what to do for the evening, and you pick the one that gets you to bed earlier.

I went to New Orleans this weekend for my pregnant-with-twins-friend's baby shower. We had fabulous cheesecake at the bistro, accompanied by much ooh-ing and aww-ing over all the cute baby things. I got books that the children must have read to them in order for them to grow into productive members of society, namely, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, the first Richard Scarry word book, a copy of I Love You Forever, and a Sandra Boynton book. I think Sandra Boynton may be the latest most brilliant children's book writer. She's fantastic, and I own several of her books just for my own enjoyment. I wanted to get a copy of The Giving Tree, a book that can teach a person so much about life, no matter what age they are, but I thought she might already have that one. My promise to the Twins: I will always buy y'all fabulous books.

Anyway, after the shower, the girls got together to do the post-mortem on the event, and also to spend a couple of hours talking about when we were all in college and Phi Mu together. Obviously, some of us got up to more than others of us, but I won't name names (except to say blue eyeshadow and Louis Vuitton).

I wasn't planning to stay in NOLA overnight, but I got talked into it, and me, Tammy, and Adele headed down to the French Quarter to do a little painting. We planned to paint the town red, but only made it to a slightly pink color. Sheesh. I think Adele was a little disappointed in me. But I haven't spent more than an couple of hours in a bar since I started seminary, and I'd much rather go to a place where I can talk with my friends over a drink, instead of shouting at them over a loud band, while being poked in the back by the couple making out on the bar stool behind me, while inhaling a couple of packs of cigarette smoke.

I think the night really started to wind down when Tammy and I saw an open bookstore that had posters on the walls. The ones we saw were New Orleans architecture prints, and I'm always looking for art, so we strolled in. Now, I have to interject here that Adele knew what the place was, but said nothing. She left us to figure it out on our own. The painting and posters of naked men helped us figure if out pretty quickly. We had wandered into a gay bookstore, fooled by the lovely non-homosexual framed prints we spied from the street.

I can say nothing more on this topic, except to note that we tried to play it totally cool, but failed miserably. Giggling happened. Then we left, with me trying to look only at my feet and not at the giant paintings of penises. (Tammy is a doctor, so she was all,"whatever." And Adele assumed the nonchalant attitude she cultivates at any stupid thing her friends do.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Things I Really Enjoy Doing

Making the drive from Jackson to Hattiesburg at night, with the sunroof open and U2 on the stereo.


Neither my tan nor my accent are deep enough to live this far south.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Greetings from the flatland.

Well, I'm posting again. Sorry for the delay. I also have yet to send my new cell number to many of you, because I haven't had internet acess for a while, and won't have it regularly until my mas-produced Dell laptop arrives from the Dell-people. Incidentally, it's already 2 days late. This is a bad start with the Dell-people, who I'm not too fond of to begin with.


It's raining here almost every day. I have a third story apartment with a balcony, though, so I often sit out there at night and watch the lightening storms. I love a good light show. Storms have always done something to me...when Hurricane Elvis rolled through Memphis a couple of years ago, my dad and I both got up at 5 am to watch it. Of course, the frantic scratching coming from the back door helped me along. Delta hates storms. And fireworks. She's just happy to be inside, though...when I was a kid we had a dalmation who would make a beeline for the bathtub every time it stormed.

I don't like it here, I'll confess. I'm hoping that will change as school starts, but so far, I'm just lonely and bored.

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