Laughter Road

Monday, February 26, 2007

the books and the chocolate, they are calling my name. but I will resist, by the power of my new haircut!

I had a post written out about the errands I ran today, but I was rereading it and bored myself. So I deleted it.

I had the day off, and I managed to make it over to the hair place for a long overdue haircut. There was a LARGE pile of hair on the floor when I left. $50 very well spent. Its almost a bargain, considering I only get my hair cut once every 4 months or so.

I also went to the local salvage place, hoping that they would have further marked down the bookstore stock, but no luck yet. I'm restraining myself from buying much until it goes down to 70% off.

I am working on ignoring the calls of the chocolate chip muffin mix coming from my kitchen cupboard.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Wii you, too, baby.

About two or three weeks before Valentine's Day, I mentioned that I wasn't a big fan of the holiday. Quite frankly, I can think of lots better ways to spend $40 than on a dozen roses that would have cost half as much just a week earlier. And dinner in a crowded restaurant isn't very much fun for me either. I can never hear, and I hate to wait on service, and its just too much pressure.

Bret had to be at a conference in New Orleans February 13-15, and I went down to join him, and we had a blast. He did get me a gift, but it was more a late birthday present that a Valentine's Day present....a silver ring that has, engraved in Gaelic, the words, "Love of my heart." I love it.

We also both REALLY wanted a we decided to spend the money on that instead. Not surprisingly, these are hard to find at the moment. Three or four times a week we'd "make the rounds" of Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam's, Target, and Game Zone, hoping that it would be the day. No luck. For DAYS and DAYS.

But, I felt lucky. I first went to Best Buy...nothing. Target? Nada. Then, I walked into Wal-Mart, and there they were. I bought a system and extra controller on the spot.

We spent the evening playing games. He has natural talent, I have to work on it. I assume its a little marker on the Y chromosome that allows him to quickly understand all the different buttons and joysticks and how to hold them all at the same time to achieve the perfect golf swing or baseball pitch.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

One of my Lenten disciplines is to write SOMETHING everyday. Not just finding aids or emails or school assignments, but something not associated with work or school. It may not always manifest in a blog entry, but I'm going to TRY to post something everyday, maybe even a picture or two, if I can find the memory card for my digital camera.

My Lent got off to a explosion, really. To say I had a difficult weekend would be an understatement. Bret and I got into a conversation/disagreement that lasted three days, spanned several topics, and managed to spread hurt feelings all the way around. We're recovering, but I think a bit of the hurt is still there for both of us.

On a more positive note, two friends of mine from Asbury FINALLY got engaged on Valentine's Day. I can't wait to dance at their wedding. Congratulations, James and Michelle!

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