Laughter Road

Friday, June 23, 2006

all he needed was a peg leg and and a pipe...

There was an ant in my shower today. Not one of those little fire ants, which already got hold of me this week (I escaped with only a couple of bites on my 4th toe), but a huge ant. THat's all the identifying features I can really give you, though. It was big. I don't know much about ant breeds.

I didn't notice it until after I'd started my shower, and since it was mostly minding its own business, I decided to leave it until I was done. I looked down after washing my hair, and it had crawled up beside my toe, and was preparing to take hold with its tiny pinchers and haul me home to be dinner for the family.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday meme

9 Things You Want, But Don't Need

1. Ok, I got an iPod for my birthday about a year ago, but I really want a Nano. My iPod skips when I run with it, and i think I'd look really cool with one of those strapped to my arm. (while i'm running, of course. i wouldn't wear it all the time. then i would look like a goober.)
2. more clothes.
3. An Infiniti FX. I especially don't need one of these now that I have a new car, but this is my dream car right now.
4. TO spend the whole weekend at the ALA conference. Saturday should be enough, but it would be awfully fun to hang out there for a few days.
5. A digital camcorder.
6. a haircut. I always think my hair is too long right about the time people start saying how good it looks.
7. A music link in my new car so I don't have to use my iTrip. Having it work well means propping it somewhere near the radio, and sometimes I pick up CB conversations from the truckers on the interstate. A musiclink built into the new car would eliminate this problem.
8. a manicure and pedicure each week.
9. chocolate. extra calories in general.
(this is getting hard)

Bret suggested that I don't need more books. i replied that he's missing a fundamental part of my character if he thinks I can live without buying books.

THis was supposed to be a list of ten things, but I ran out of ideas.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I haven't posted in a week, and i didn't even realize it until I was searching for a meme to use tomorrow and didn't want to post two memes back to back. so. here's what's been happening with me.

1. I am finally getting a new dad found me a new 2006 Accord. I think I'll drive home and pick it up sometime this week. Yea! Ergo, the new car needs a name. I think I'll have to drive it for a few days to determine its persuasion, but suggestions are welcome. I've always named my cars in the past...the big blue sedan was called "The great white hope", even though it was blue (she kind of had an identity crisis), the SUV I was driving when the accident happened was named Rhett. He was very southern and male, so the name fit very well. I've been driving a Volvo that belongs to my mom for about a year, and I named his Meatball, because he's Swedish. (or sVedish! as adele and i always pronounce it). give me some suggestions, people!

2. I'm thinking about going to the American Libraries Association conference that's taking place in New Orleans this weekend. TO all you people who think that must be the most boring place in the world...hey, don't underestimate the librarians, ok? We know how to party. I can think of few events that would be more fun than partying in NOLA with my fellow librarians-to-be.

3. It has apparantly made it through the grapevine that i've got a new boyfriend. He reads this blog, though, so I can't dish about him and his green eyes here.

4. Other current events include tweaking my thesis topic, which i think I've got pretty much nailed down, trying to figure out where I'm going to live next semester, and applying for a couple of jobs, including the Sewanee position.

Oh, and let's all give a big hand to the General Convention which is taking place in Ohio this week...the Episcopal Church of America elected its first female presiding bishop this week: Katharine Jefferts Schori.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the Tuesday meme

I AM: more that I appear to be on this blog.
I SAID: I'd do it. now get off my back!
I WANT: a faster metabolism. and a new car.
I WISH: I had a killer thesis topic. and as long as I'm wishing, i wish it was already written.
I HATE: people who talk in the movie theater.
I MISS: my friends from seminary who are scattered all over the country.
I FEAR: not living up to my potential.
I HEAR: gilmore girls on TV. cars outside my window. Instant Messenger chiming at me, with Bret on the other end.
I WONDER: Where I’ll end up.
I REGRET: a lot. though i try really hard not to dwell on those things.
I AM NOT: a pushover.
I DANCE: not as often as i'd like.
I SING: Loudly. in the car. by myself.
I CRY: unexpectedly.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As strong as I appear to be.
I MADE: chocolate-chip muffins.
I WRITE: best under pressure.
I CONFUSE: all those stupid dating shows on TV.
I NEED: human contact.
I SHOULD: get up earlier.
I START: running tomorrow. i swear.
I FINISH: about three books a week.
I TAG: Kelly, Rhonda, Bret, Michael, and anyone else who wants to play.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

do I look stupid in this?

As much as I enjoy living by myself at times, the thing I miss the most about having a roommate is having someone to tell me whether or not I look put together enough to leave the house. Someone to say, "that skirt doesn't "go"." Someone to reassure me that these pants do not, in fact, make my nose look to big. It takes me a lot longer to get dressed when I live by myself.

Monday, June 05, 2006

tell it to me, tell it to me--

Washington, D.C., was great, and I really enjoyed getting to see Prairie Home Companion. Kellior walked out on stage wearing a black suit, a red bow tie, and red Pumas. Special guests were an amazing gospel singer named Jerylyn Steel (I think), and a bluegrass boy band called the Old Crow Medicine Show. I downloaded their album as soon as I got back, and have been especially enjoying "Tell it to Me."

We went to the Internation Spy Museum, which Steve recommended, the National Gallery, where I got to see some great art and also some Degas sculptures, the National Cathedral, and the place that easliy be classified as Librarian Mecca: the Library of Congress. Unfortunately, by that point in the day all I wanted to do was sit down and rest my feet, but I still enjoyed it. They've got one of only ten perfect copies of the Gutenberg Bible on display.

Favorite Moments:
--standing with the rest of the 5,000 or so other people at Prairie Home and singing the national anthem in honor of Memorial Day.
--taking part in the Eucharist at the National Cathedral.
--traveling with my mom, which translates into the fancy clubrooms at the airports.


Yesterday was Pentecost, which is celebrated with red vestements and altar hangings. The priest said during the service that in the Middle Ages churches would often put people in the rafters so they could sprinkle red rose petals on the people below, which was supposed to signify the flames of fire that descended from heaven.
It was amusing to hear the passages about glossilalia and healings. The frozen chosen, indeed.
Church starts at 10:30, and usually runs about 75-80 minutes, but this week we were finished in under an hour...the sermon was brisk, to say the least. We've got an interim priest at the moment, and whenever I look at him I think how much he looks like Captian Kangaroo.

Bill Engvall is going to be in Tunica this weekend, but it looks like I'm going to miss him for the second time around. *sigh* maybe next time. I had a great "Here's your sign" moment with someone this weekend, but in an effort to stay off of a certain list, I'll refrain from posting it here.

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